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Mattnau. By blacqbook

#poetry #writers #africanliterature

Her small mountain stood gracefully
Two villages away from her
With stars that stare at you in the night
She breaks dusty brown through
The winds that love feeling her flaws
Her green oasis stretched
Long as the only fresh streams
That keep cool her bosom

Nurturing beautifully her children
That call to her by her name
Scorching her tough love
Her field feeding they
They that reap that which they sowed

Her international corner earth
To make hard for her children to
Leave her, forget her, their roots
That stood deep in her heart
Being the very life that she has
A mother’s love for her children
Nurturing them through life and
Holding them tight to her bosom in death

Black growing By blacqbook

#poetry #writers #africanliterature

I never knew how commonly common
How common was I
Dusty, cracked gravel roads
Bringing about my playful imagination
Coupled with tiny rocks stomping
Softly through my tales
May I be one with them
As dusty as we want to

Growing, growing, growing
Unaware of how poor
How grey, how black
Black growing,
Seemingly to the others poor
Little would they ever know
How richly happy we really were
Now that we’ve grown black
Rich even to them
But poor now that we lack
That which we had
Took it for granted while black growing
How happy we were